Friday, April 19, 2013

viernes, el 19 de abril de 2013

SpII Honors
Enfoque #25 - Translate:
1. Have you described yourself on your web site yet? I haven’t.
2. Has the editor presented the information to the public yet?
3. The reporters have interviewed the movie stars but haven’t published the article yet.
4.  It’s necessary that the teacher has explained the homework because it is time to go.
5. We have already showered today.
-Apuntes: Irregular Past Participles + a little present perfect subjunctive
-Practice: Present Perfect
HW: WS  URB 8-9 (from SpIII 6.1)

No Enfoque
-Leer pgs 304, 310 (Andean music and Machu Picchu)
-Webquest on MachuPicchu
-After you find out about Machu Picchu you need to write 2 paragraphs in Spanish about it on your blog. See for more info.
HW: Book pgs 320-321 (2-5)

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