Wednesday, April 17, 2013

miércoles, el 17 de abril de 2013

Enfoque #24 - TRANSLATE:
1. I am going to walk home through the park.
2. For me, it’s good to do my homework.
3. He needs to leave for school at 7 in order to arrive by 7:30.
4. If we have any questions we’ll call you on the phone.
5. Do you use a pencil to take notes?
-Correct por/para ws
-Advice posters w/ impersonal expressions + subjunctive
HW: Review Vocab
Thursday's HW: Listening Log #5

-Vocab Quiz 5.2
-Enfoque #24- Change from direct quote to reported speech.
Change from direct quote to reported speech.
1. Él dijo, "aprenderé a tocar la guitarra."
2. Ellos dijeron, "vamos a ir a ver a los vendedores ambulantes."
3. Dijimos, "fuimos a la reunión del club."
4. Yo dije, "dormiré una siesta."
5. Te dije, "charla conmigo".
-Correct WB pgs 226-228
HW: Study
Thursday's HW: Listening Log #5

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