Thursday, May 26, 2011

jueves, el 26 de mayo de 2011


-Turn in Enfoques 27-51
-Test 7.2/8.1
HW: Level I orals due on Tuesday

Sp II Honors
-Vocab Quiz 8.2
-Quick write: Environment - How have you protected the environment in the past, how are you currently doing so, and in the future what will you do?
-Prepare papers for the written final tomorrow
-Discuss dos/don'ts for written (see common mistakes PPT on Edline)
-Review PN's - Pg 456
-Brainstorm topics for written

Practice Prompts that Per 1 came up with :)
5.1, 5.2 – You had a family dinner last night. Describe what you made. What preparations did you do before hand? How did you make it? If you make it again, what will you change?

6.1, 6.2 - You are visiting a Hollywood set. Describe what you see and what you learned and saw? Go home and email all of your friends about your adventure. After seeing the set, do you want to be an actor/actress. What do you have to do become one?

7.1, 7.2 – Your sister recently married a man with a large family. Describe your new life and his family and their traits. Discuss the wedding and what you did while there.

8.1- It is the year 2050 and nobody has done anything to protect the environment. The world is ending and you are starting a new world somewhere else. What have you done, are you doing, and what could you have done to stop it?

8.2 – Today is career day at your high school and you meet several professionals. Which career did you find the most interesting? Explain what a person in that profession does and why you are interested in this profession.

Also: Review your Vocab Lists – Spanish II 2nd Semester - 5.1 pg. 273, 5.2 pg. 297, 6.1 pg. 329, 6.2 pg. 353, 7.1 pg. 385, 7.2 pg. 409, 8.1 pg. 44,  8.2 pg. 465; Check in the back of the book on pages R10 – R17 for extra vocab to help you with your writtens!

HW: WB pgs 373-375 due on Tuesday, 5/31

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