Monday, May 23, 2011

lunes, el 23 de mayo de 2011


Enfoque #50 - Watch Culture video and write 5 things down (or write down 5 things from 418-419 that you learned about Ecuador)
-Correct WS on Present Participles as adjectives and Present Perfect
-Translate Oral Q's Level II
HW: Oral Q's Level II

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #43 (H)- Translate!
1. Did you meet anyone new this week?
2. I went to the store while you were showering.
3.  You were shy but now you are really popular.
4.  Many people purchased hybrid vehicles last year.
-Review Preterite/Imperfect
-Hablar del fin de semana
-Translate: Oral Q's Level I
HW: Level I Oral Q's

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