Wednesday, May 18, 2011

miércoles, el 18 de mayo 2011

Enfoque #47 (CP)- Translate!
1. It isn’t true that they protect the endangered species.
2. It is true that I pick up trash and put it in the trash can.
3.  Is it true that you recycle glass and cardboard?
4.  It’s not true that hybrid vehicles don’t produce smog.
-Correct HW: WB pgs 347-348
-Notes: Future pg. 432 (PPT)
-Act 12, 13 pg. 433
Sp HW WB pgs 350-351 (due 5/19)

SpII Honors
-Group Time: Jeopardy PPT Review Project
-Notes: Irregular Future pg. 451 (PPT)
SP HW - WB 370-372 (due 5/19)

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