Friday, May 27, 2011

viernes, el 27 de mayo de 2011

-Review in small groups Preterite vs. Imperfect
Uses for Preterite:
  • Specific beginning or end
  • one time action
  • sequence of events
  • change in emotion, state, weather
  • specific period of time/duration
  • interrupting action
Uses for Imperfect:
  • What was happening in the past (anything "ing")
  • age (tenía + #; era joven/niño)
  • used to do
  • feelings (estaba + adj or tener expressions --> tenía miedo/frío)
  • weather (hacía frío/era un día soleado)
  • time (era la una/eran las dos; note this is to say it was not at--at is just a las)
  • non specific actions in the past/general things that happened in the past at some point; something that wasn't completed in the past
  • simultaneous actions in the past
-Translate Oral Q's - Level 1 (due on Tuesday 5/31)
-Vocab 8.2 pg. 446-447
HW: Oral Qs Level I

Sp II Honors
-Written Final
HW: PPT due by 10 pm tonight to Gaggle HW Drop Box
WB pgs 373-375 due Tuesday 5/31

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