Tuesday, May 24, 2011

martes, el 24 de mayo de 2011

Enfoque #51 (CP)- Translate! (hint look back to 7.2 vocab on 409)
1. I will stay here because I have an appointment with the coach.
2. Sometimes you will argue but it’s bad to get really angry.
3.  Your teachers will be really proud of you all.
4.  We will understand each other well because we’re sincere.
-Canción: Suerte
-Video: Suerte por Jason Mraz y Ximena Sariñana

HW: Study for Test 7.2/8.1 on Thursday + Finish enfoques 27-51 (due Thursday)

SpII Honors
Enfoque #44 (H)- Translate!
1. I wanted to earn a living as a doctor and find a cure.
2. The mountain climber always climbed lots of mountains.
3.  Yesterday he improved his robot a lot.
4.  The nurse studied, discovered, and shared her knowledge.
-Correct: Orales - Level I
-Vocab Quiz 8.2 on Wednesday  Thursday (I got a library day for tomorrow!!!)
HW: Write 10 Level III Subjunctive Answers (2 sentences each) for oral exam using phrases like:
  • Es bueno que
  • Es malo que
  • Es preferible que
  • Es necesario que
  • Es importante que
  • Ojalá que
  • No es cierto que
  • No es verdad que

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